Course Sequence

Following is a sample course sequence for students in the BA in Leadership program: Christian Leadership Concentration (please note individual degree programs may vary):


PSS 100 Academic Strategies
CIS 101 Computer Literacy
ENG 101A Reading and Comprehension
BBL xxx Biblical Principles
MTH 115 College Algebra
HIS 101 American History
COM 146 Communication
ENG 101B Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing
THE xxx Theological Essentials
PSC 152 Physical Science
PSY 221 Psychology
BIO 151 Introduction to Biology Biological Science with Lab
LDR xxx Leadership Formation
POL 241 American Government
ENG204 Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing & Research
BUS 209 Financial Accounting
ART 220 Introduction to Film MUS xxx Music Appreciation
SOC 230 Sociology
PHY 155 Physics
ICS xxx Intercultural Studies
PHL 271 Philosophy
PHL 263 Social Ethics
SSC 304 World Religions
THE 280 Pentecostalism
PHL 210 Christian Worldview and Contemporary Living
MGT 301 Leadership in Organizations and Business Mgmt.
MGT 304 Organizational and Business Communication
MGT 313 Business Law and Ethics
LDR 364 Organizational Behavior
PSY 389 Cross Cultural Psychology
MGT 408 Marketing Management
MGT 410 Human Resources Management
THE 320 Ecclesiology
CMN 301 Dynamics of Christian Ministry
PSY421 Social Psychology
LDR 471 Conflict Management
PSY 476 Counseling
LDR 472 Mentoring and Team Leadership
LDR 481 Principles & Practices of Leadership
LDR 499 Capstone Experience