The primary goal the Writing Center is to provide resources and tutorials for any undergraduate or graduate student at WU. The Writing Center is supported by Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Students are welcome to come here for writing assignments in any course in any academic discipline.

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AST is excited to provide you with the opportunity to quickly and easily improve the quality of your papers. Grammarly is an online service to help support you in your studies. You will be required to use Grammarly’s services for longer papers (5 or more pages). For frequently asked questions, use this link: Grammarly FAQ


Grammarly has two primary functions.

  1. Writing Improvement: Grammarly is an automated proofreader and personal grammar coach that reviews and improves your text by suggesting corrections in grammar, spelling, word choice, and style. In just 60 seconds, Grammarly can catch grammar errors you missed in your papers.
  2. Plagiarism Detection & Citations: Grammarly finds unoriginal text before it gets you into trouble by checking for plagiarism against a database of over 8 billion web pages. Grammarly also suggests citations.

Required Use

All papers that are 5 pages in length or more must be submitted to Grammarly to be checked prior to submission to the drop box. You will need to do two steps:

  1. Grammar check – Grammarly will provide suggested edits, and you will have the opportunity to accept them or ignore them. Then you can download the edited paper. Print a report to submit with your paper. For instructions, view the following tutorial: Grammar Check Tutorial
  2. Plagiarism check – Grammarly will highlight text in your paper that is word-for-word from another source. If you have the information in quotation marks and you provide a citation, then it’s fine. If it isn’t in quotation marks and not cited, then it has to be changed to be original language. Print a report to submit with your paper. For instructions, view the following tutorial: Plagiarism Check Tutorial

You will receive a report from Grammarly that MUST be submitted with your paper. The report will include a summary of both grammar and plagiarism. Information will be posted in the assignment instructions in your courses. In addition, instructors may check shorter papers and threaded discussions at their discretion.

Note – in order to help with your writing skills, you are welcome and encouraged to utilize Grammarly to proofread all of your papers and written assignments. It is a FREE service for you. But it is only required to use for papers that are 5 pages or longer.


If you do not submit the required Grammarly report, you will automatically lose 10% of the value of the assignment.


To access the program, go to (If you are typing the URL into your browser, make sure you type it out completely with the /edu or you may not get the educational version of Grammarly and not be able to sign in). You will find your access code within your course.



FREE Online Tutoring for your Course is Available!

Hope International University provides students with access to online tutoring services from Smarthinking. With Smarthinking, students can chat with a live tutor up to 24 hours a day from ANY internet connection. Tutors are available to chat one-on-one with you in a wide range of subjects including writing, math (basic math through calc II), and statistics.  You can also submit completed drafts of your writing assignments to the Smarthinking Essay Center for a tutor to review. The tutor will provide you with detailed, personalized feedback about your paper, typically within 24 hours.

Need help with your writing assignments?
For general writing help (brainstorming, outlining, thesis development, grammar/mechanics questions, etc…), then choose Writing (All Subjects) in the Drop In Tutoring area.  If you have questions specific to APA Style, then choose APA Formatting instead.

If you have a completed draft of your paper ready to submit for review, submit it to the SMARTHINKING Essay Center by selecting the Essay Center choice under Writing Center.  A professional writing tutor will give you the help that you need to improve your paper and your overall writing skills.  The tutor’s response will arrive in your Smarthinking Inbox within about 24 hours.

Need help with Math or Statistics?
Connect with a live tutor by choosing the subject area in which you need help under Drop In Tutoring.  Then use the whiteboard to start a chat session with a professional tutor and type your question.  After you have typed your question(s) or problem(s), click the Enter Question button.  You may have to wait a few minutes to get connected but once you do, you’ll have the tutor’s full and undivided attention!  You can also load graphics and PDFs into the whiteboard so if the problem that you need help with includes a drawing or graphic, choose the “Share Document” icon in the whiteboard.  Using that tool, you can upload screenshots, pictures, or PDF copies of your textbook, making it easier for you and the tutor to communicate.

To access Smarthinking, login to your course and use the instructions in the “Tutoring” section.


Here are a list of some free online courses that our students can access to improve their writing skills. These courses are taught by college professors and may be a considerable help to incoming students who are struggling with their writing skills.